April 2013 Visit from Fawkham School to Banni School

In April 2013 five of us visited The Gambia for 12 days

We spent 5 days working Banni School continuing the links between Fawkham and Banni schools.

We worked with the children and teachers on our joint curriculum project which was celebrating, learning and teaching the songs and music enjoyed in both schools. This project will continue with Demba’s visit to the UK in June.

We opened the new wall for the orchard and painted on it the names of all who had donated.

The Banni children drew pictures of the orchard some of which are on display in Fawkham School. Also we took netball equipment purchased from donations, to again extend the range of sports on offer.

Netball was taught to all the children in the school and friendly students, versus teachers and visitors match took place on the last evening along with the now traditional student versus teachers football match.

Our cultural experiences included visiting Kunta Kinte village, island and museum to learn something of the history of the slave trade made famous in the book Roots.

We rode camels on the beach.

We were also made very welcome by Mr Conteh and his family and we stayed for four nights in his family compound in Banni village for which we thank him wholeheartedly.