2017 UNESCO The Gambia

Kalifa attended a week-long workshop with two Banni School students on Global Citizenship with The UNESCO The Gambia. This is his report.

Presenting on issues that are slowing down development particularly in our public offices... with UNESCO the Gambia... on Global citizenship and sustainable Development Initiative.

Presenting on Challenges of Sustainable Development in the National Level and The possible solutions...... With UNESCO the Gambia

Muhammed Babou on my right and Away Jallow on the left

The last day of the season was marked with sport activities.

And it was really nice and fun as you can see on the photo am taking part in TUG OF WAR which of course I defeated my opponents

Having interview with The Media personnel after the victory from TUG OF WAR...

That was some members of my team at Gambia Independence Stadium Bakau.

The team from Banni leaving the Hostel for Banni after gathering very important knowledge from the season which really relevant to sustainable development particularly in our rural areas.....This knowledge will surely be shared with the rest of school and community at large.

Today the 8th day of July marked the end of the program hosted by UNESCO the Gambia Association.