Banni Basic Cycle School

Banni Basic Cycle School was
established in 1979 as a
primary school and transformed
into a basic cycle school in
September 2013.

About the staff

Banni Basic Cycle School,
Banni Village,
Lower Baddibou District,
North Bank Region,
The Gambia

  Ansu Konteh
Previous Head Teachers

Deputy Principle and
International Contact:
 Mr. Kalifa Njie

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Where is The Gambia?

The Gambia is on the west coast of Africa and totally surrounded by Senegal.

Banni village is on the North bank of the Gambia river, inland from the capital Banjul.

Gambia Chronology

Mandinka traders brought Islam in the 13th century and were the main influence until the 18th century. The 1700s and 1800s saw colonial rivalry between Britain and France.

The Banni Village Basic Cycle School

The village of Banni has a Basic Cycle School that was built in 1979 with donations from Sweden. Everything in The Gambia seems to have been constructed from outside aid or donations - one of the penalties for being one of the poorest countries in the world (economically)

The school as at Spring 2012 had a role of 229 students.

The children attend this school free from ages 7 to 13.

There is a separate nursery school in the village but the Upper Basic School for ages 13 to 16 is in Kerewan - if their parents can afford it The lower school accommodates those children over 13 that cannot afford the upper school.

As at Spring 2012 there were ten teachers, the Head, a caretaker and two cooks.

Here we see the school kitchen and the cooks.

The children have to collect the wood for the fire on their way to school.

They pay 1 Dalasi for lunch (about two and a half pence).

The village, and school, have a benefactor in Mr Samboujang Conteh, country director of RAID in The Gambia, who supplies funds for capital investments projects like pumping fresh water to the village and a stand pipe for the school.

The school needs teaching resources and resources for the children to aid both teaching and learning.

The garden grows crops that are used by the school kitchen